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Indianapolis police are expecting an influx of pickpockets during The Big Game week because of the massive crowds that will pack downtown.Officials are working with event organizers to keep football fans from becoming victims of one of the most prevalent crimes that plagues the major sporting event.

“Obviously, we’re focused on it. The bottom line is when you have a couple of hundred thousand people downtown, you’re going to have an increase in criminal activity,” Homeland Security Deputy Chief Michael Bates said.

Corey Tanner, 24, said he fell victim to a couple of pickpockets who executed the classic bump and run inside a convenience store.

“A couple of kids had pickpocketed my wallet before I would get to the cash register with my drink. One of them bumped into me, and before I knew it, they had my wallet and were gone,” Tanner said.

Metro police will have hundreds of officers, both uniformed and undercover in downtown venues throughout the Super Bowl celebration. Pickpockets looking to score may find themselves getting more than what they bargained for.”You never know who’s watching you,” Bates said.

Experts advised men to carry wallets and other valuables in their front pockets, and women to carry purses diagonally across their chests.Police also advised visitors not to carry more money than they can afford to lose.


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