Inspire U: The Podcast

Event: Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam

Start: 9:00pm Saturday February 4, 2012

Venue: Clowes Hall

Address: 4602 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Big laughs. Real-l-l-l-l-y big laughs. What else would you expect from an All-Star Comedy Jam presented by one of the biggest names (and bodies!) in sports?

In the last four years, Shaq Entertainment has launched the highly successful All-Star Comedy Jam brand, producing several television specials, a highly successful DVD series and also helped catapult comedian Kevin Hart into the national spotlight. This tour brings many of the hilarious comedians presented at Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jams shot during NBA All-Star Weekends over the last three years.

These highly rated television specials have aired annually since 2009 and a new full hour special for tour host, DeRay Davis, will premier Friday, July 1st. Lineup to be announced.

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