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Does this mean I can rent Tim Tebow for the week?

In case you’ve decided to forego the epic parties down town for the big game, but are still a little bit antsy about whether you’ve got what it takes to throw a shindig that LMFAO would be proud of. If not, you could always just rent a celebrity to up your party-swag level. Be advised: It’ll cost you more than pizza and beer.

Doug Turner, President and CEO of Millionaire Concierge, says a celebrity appearance can carry a pricetag of several hundred thousand dollars.

“They pay a fee plus their expenses, and they always want a private jet and the penthouse suite in the hotel,” Turner said.

Turner says the cost is also tied to the amount of fame. “A-listers” have been given millions to hang out for a few hours, while less well known celebrities get between $25-50k.

You can check out Turner’s business at

Start saving your pennies now, kiddies.

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