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A night after Laura Kaeppeler was named Miss America, she will watch her favorite team in the NFL playoffs. You guessed it, Miss Wisconsin is a Green Bay Packers fan.

Kaeppler introduced herself to pageant viewers by mentioning the NFL’s defending Super Bowl champions and their superstar quarterback and saying “Aaron Rogers, if you’re watching…Call me!”

Well guess what? He WAS watching!

Three days after the Packers’ loss to the New York Giants, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers spent some of his time talking to ESPN 540 radio, mourning the early exit of his team from the playoffs. After Rodgers finished answering questions about what he and the team could have done differently to win against the Giants, he finally addressed what everyone has been wondering: Has he called Miss America yet?

At the time of the pageant, Rodgers claims he was watching the Broncos-Patriots game and also keeping track of the pageant race online. The Pro Bowl quarterback said he was bombarded with text messages after Kaeppeler’s shout out.

“So eventually I clicked over,” Rodgers said to ESPN “and actually I clicked over when it was down to the top five and was amazed as it went four, she’s still up there. Three, she’s still up there. Two, she’s still up there. Is she really going to win this thing? And then, sure enough, she did. So I’ve got to give her a lot of credit for that. That’s quite an accomplishment. A whole year of getting to do all of that Miss America stuff. That’s exciting for Wisconsin, the one bright spot over the weekend.”

Rodgers claims he has not responded yet to the newly-crowned Miss America, although he has expressed he is excited for her victory.

Come on dude…call her.

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