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Fox President of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly addressed the rumors surrounding Steve Jones and Ryan Seacrest — the respective hosts of X Factor and American Idol — at Sunday’s TCA, but didn’t make any announcements about their futures. Both are at the end of contracts and it’s been rumored that the network wants to replace Jones, and that Seacrest wants out on Idol. Reilly only said, “The hosting gig, the only thing I will say, is, as we know, it is a much harder job than meets the eye. I think everyone has come to realize the value of a Ryan Seacrest. So whether Steve’s the guy or not, it comes under the heading of ‘Growth’ in general. There will be some tweaks to the show, but I’ll tell you, I’m very happy to have it and it’s gonna be part of us for a long time.”He addressed the Ryan rumors, saying of Idol, “It’s very hard to imagine the show without Ryan. We certainly want to keep him. There’s no creative discussion there whatsoever. It’s a deal issue. . . It’s a deal component and it’s a tough negotiation and one that I think will come to conclusion pretty quickly.” Ryan himself said, “At this point… I only see myself hosting ‘American Idol.'”


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