Since Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the most private celebrity couples, most people are not expecting to see their baby on the cover of a celebrity weekly when he or she is born. According to Popeater, one magazine editor said, “They are one of the most private couples. We have made several offers to their people about running exclusive images of mother and baby and no one has responded.” The editor continued, “If Beyonce and Jay-Z do decide to share their child with the world, they will probably go the same route as Tom Cruise and Katie [Holmes]. Instead of selling the images to a weekly publication, they would give them away for nothing to lock in a cover of a monthly like Vanity Fair. But knowing this couple, it is unlikely we will ever see a staged picture of the child.”An industry insider also spoke on Bey and Jay’s 2008 wedding — which no one has seen a picture from. The insider said, “Everyone reached out to the couple to buy wedding pictures and they refused. They have an estimated net worth of over $700 million. It’s not like they need the money.”


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