Aftermath from the Tanker Explosion on 465 on the Northeast Side. (Photo courtesy

RIGGS NOTE: I got a frantic call from my Mom this morning at about 10:40 am – “I’m on 465 and just heard an EXPLOSION and saw a  HUGE wall of flames – turn on the TV – see if you can find out what happened!”  My mom and sister were literally 1/4 a mile in front of this massive explosion...NUTS!

Thousands experienced the mid-morning explosion on I-465 at I-69 when Indiana State Police say the driver of a tanker truck hauling propane lost control and crashed.

More of the tanker aftermath on the Indy Northeast Side. (Photo courtesy

Miraculously, no one was killed and just four people were injured — three with minor injuries, according to the State Police. The tanker driver, Ronald Tobias, 73, was taken to Methodist Hospital where his son, Mike, told The Indianapolis Star that his father had a detached ear and that his eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the back of his head were singed from the incredible heat of the blast.A person driving behind the tanker, Edward D. Martin, 40, Indianapolis, was reported in good condition at the Wishard Memorial burn unit. Elizabeth Fortune, 39, Indianapolis, and Lorin Hunter, 22, Indianapolis, sought medical treatment on their own, according to the state police.

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