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Reports say that doctors are warning Oprah to lose weight or die! According to Star Magazine, sources have said that the 57-year-old media mogul, who is now allegedly 280 lbs, has been binge eating and drinking due to stress over the failure of OWN and stagnant love life. The source also claimed that Oprah is also upset about her BFF Gayle King leaving her network. Shocked to see how big she has gotten, Oprah has reportedly gone on a strict low calorie diet and power walking routines. A source said, “Hitting the 280-pound mark has opened Oprah up to a world of life-threatening health troubles – everything from diabetes to heart problems. She’s been told by people in the medical field that this time, it’s diet – or die.”The source continued, “Friends and loved ones have impressed upon Oprah that this is her final warning as far as her weight is concerned and urged her to start a new diet and exercise program. They’re serious and, thankfully, she’s listening.” Sources said that O has given up a lot of her favorite foods like pizza, double crust chicken pot pie, caramel corn ice cream, sour cream pound cake and bacon-peanut truffles.