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It seems the executives at OWN have a new bright idea about how to save the ailing network, “target the Black audience.”  SOURCES say that new OWN executives are taking cues from a show called “Sweetie Pies” which scored very well in the African-American audience.

According to OWN president Erik Logan tells the Hollywood Reporter:

“Anytime you have a program that pops like Sweetie Pies did, you start looking at what drove it,” Logan tells Adweek. “And we saw that the African-American audience really had a connection with that show. . . . We’re going to look at ways to nurture and grow that.

We’re sure that Vh1’s complete market domination in cable with Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, Tiny & T.I. aren’t hurting their perspective on this one.  400, 000 thousands viewers are cute, 4 million viewers save a network.   This should be interesting, stay tuned.

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