One YouTube user may have put it best: “What has taken 20 years to build, you have destroyed in 5 and a half minutes.”

“Indy’s Super Bowl Shuffle,” a particularly horrific parody of the Chicago Bears’ popular 1985 “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap video, started out as a marketing ploy for meeting planners. And it apparently worked on that level.

But the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association made the mistake of also uploading it to YouTube. It then went viral.

Wednesday night, the ICVA mercifully removed the video from its YouTube channel. But by then, the damage to Indy’s image may already have been done.

On Facebook, users created a “Make the Indy Super Bowl Shuffle Go Away” page. On Twitter, some referred to the video as “#shufflegate.” The negative comments drowned out the tourism agency’s attempts to explain the intent of the video, and so it was yanked.

“In hindsight the mistake was making it public where Central Indiana residents thought this was our best attempt at promoting the city,” ICVA spokesman Chris Gahl said. “That obviously isn’t the case.”

The ICVA posted “Indy’s Super Bowl Shuffle” on its YouTube channel Monday, shortly before sending it to 1,000 meeting planners who are headed to the Holiday Showcase tradeshow in the Windy City on Dec. 15.

With lots of dope choreography and B-Boy-style arm-crossing, the video features hospitality workers rapping — if you could call it that — to promote the city’s hotels and restaurants. The beat is the same as the Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle” tune.

There are enough humdingers — “give us a chance, we’ll rock you good, a ton of hotel rooms in our hood” and “it’s the JW, the big blue, the largest in the world built just for you” and “we are the Westin, big and strong, with our service, you can’t go wrong” — to make listeners want to turn it off after 30 seconds. But the video goes on and on — for more than five painful minutes.

Gahl said the meeting planners’ response to the video was phenomenal, and at least one planner of a possible $40 million convention who would not have checked out Indy before now is coming to do just that. (There’s obviously no accounting for taste.)

“It was part of a larger campaign to get meeting planners to our booth in a convention trade show, where planners will be shopping for a city to hold their next convention,” Gahl said. “Chicago residents fondly remember the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ performed by the Bears.”

“It was a video parody to resonate with them,” he added later. “In hindsight, this video taken out of context doesn’t resonate with the people of Indiana the way it resonates with meeting planners.”

Word to your mother.

News Source: IndyStar

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