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At ease, ladies and gents.

Prince Harry flew back to the United Kingdom on Sunday with fellow members of the Army Air Corps upon completion of Operation Crimson Eagle, which entailed two months of helicopter-pilot training with U.S. troops in Arizona and California.

Michelle Dee, public affairs officer for El Centro Naval Air Facility, confirmed his departure yesterday.

Oh, to be able to sneak a peek at his camera’s memory card…

While fulfilling his military duties, Capt. Harry Wales also seemed to make the the most of his R&R, enjoying nights out in San Diego, renting a motorcycle to take a side trip to Las Vegas, and getting his VIP-tourist on in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

It’s all in a couple months’ work for a member of Britain’s royal family, we suppose!

In the meantime, a certain life-saving Royal Air Force lieutenant by the name of Prince William is preparing to deploy to the Falkland Islands in February, which will cause a brief rift in the Kate-love continuum.

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