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Michael Vick is gonna make you wish YOU were bankrupt, because we found out how much he’s making and how much he’s spending, and it’s just plain sick.

Vick is required to submit financial documents to the bankruptcy court … documents which TMZ has obtained. From July – Sept., 2011, Vick earned $11,781,848.68.

Here’s how the big stuff breaks down. On Sept. 13th, the Philadelphia Eagles sent Vick a check for $5,838,883.57. On the same day, the Eagles sent him another check for a measly $349,464.54. On Sept. 20th, Vick got another check from the Eagles for $359,484.99. And on Sept. 27, the Eagles sent him another $340,012.13. In September alone, the Eagles, sent him around $6.8 million.

But Vick is fueling the American economy as well, because his expenses are humongous. Between July – Sept., 2011, Vick spent $6,636,805.73. Of that, $47,500 went to alimony and child support. And the dreaded lawyers and accountants got $1,372,070 for bankruptcy services. Vick’s living expenses, not including his mortgage, are $73,000.

Oh yeah, the whole government thing — $4,873,290.91 in taxes. Tea anyone?


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