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The down-and-out child star, prison-bound for the millionth time for a probation violation, has been big news on the blogs ever since she accepted $700,000 to strip down to her birthday suit for Playboy. But according to E! News, the founder of the mag, notorious ladies’ man, Hugh Hefner, wasn’t happy with the first set of pics.

And, if Star Magazine snoopsters are to be believed, neither was the crew on set.

Tabloid tattles say LiLo was behaving even more bizarrely than usual when she arrived at a luxurious estate in the Hollywood Hills for her full-frontal shoot last month. According to at least one eyewitness, the Mean Girls star, who has a storied history with illegal substances, appeared to be “under the influence of something” on set.

“On the first day of shooting, Lindsay showed up disheveled and seemed super out of it. She’d laugh at random things and say things that didn’t really make sense. She would ramble. She was dragging and slow..She didn’t take or even understand direction well…She acted like she was doing everyone a favor by being there.”

Another loose-lipped informant at the shoot recalls that on-call makeup artists acted more like magicians, forced to “use a lot of thick makeup because Lindsay’s skin looked like shit.”

No need to fret though, there’ll be no delay in seeing Lindsay get all soft-porn in Playboy’s glossy sheets: Hugh ordered a reshoot that went down on Thursday and Friday and Lindsay’s pics are still on schedule to run in the mag’s Janurary issue.


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