reported that Kris didn’t know his bride was filing for divorce until right before she did it. Although the couple was obviously having problems — Kim had been spending more time solo than with her new hubby — Kris reportedly thought they could work it out. Sources told TMZ that while Kim and Kris discussed the possibility of divorce, he believed they could eventually solve their problems. One of the biggest causes of strife in the relationship was reportedly Kim’s refusal to move to Minnesota. Sources told TMZ that Kris desperately wanted to settle down in Minnesota, but Kim felt she needed to be in Los Angeles for her career. Although they discussed the relocation issue before tying the knot, TMZ’s sources say they figured it would naturally be sorted out after the wedding. One more explanation for the split? It’s Kris who is the fame whore. Sources told that Kim and Kris had agreed on releasing a “joint statement” about their divorce, but Kris changed his mind. Supposedly it is just his way of “fighting dirty.” The source added that Kris “begs to be in Hollywood,” and that he’s “a fame whore [who] wanted to do the show and wedding special.”


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