A very pregnant looking Jessica and a friend prepare to depart LAX yesterday

For weeks she has stayed mum about the persistent pregnancy rumours which have hounded her.

But Jessica Simpson is about to find it even harder to escape speculation.

The 31-year-old singer set tongues wagging again today as she stepped out in New York with her hand rested protectively over her round mid-section.

Not even her giant poncho could conceal the signs of her bloated stomach.

Just yesterday she showed off what appeared to be a baby bump under a tight black Lycra T-shirt as she jetted out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

Her tummy was larger than normal in the translucent clingy top, which she paired with black leggings and a green army style jacket.

essica was carrying her favourite over-sized leopard print bag, which she has on many occasions cleverly used to shield her middle.

But this time she held the purse to the side exposing her stomach.

Jessica, who has kept everyone asking ‘is she or isn’t she’ for the last few weeks, has been seen with what appears to be a baby bump as early as July.

jessica’s appearance is not the only thing which has been sparking the  pregnancy rumours, it has been her actions too.

Almost two weeks ago she was physically helped to the car by her mother Tina.

Jessica, was assisted by her mother as the pair left Los Angeles International Airport following a flight from New Orleans.

Tina held on to her daughter’s arm and placed a protective hand on her back as she escorted her out of the building and into a waiting car.

The move was certainly not the behaviour you would expect from the mother of a perfectly healthy 31-year-old woman who is fully capable of walking on her own.

Jessica was set to wed former NFL player Eric Johnson this November, but the couple have postponed the wedding with sources claiming the delay is due to Jessica being pregnant.

The couple, who have been together for two years, got engaged in November 2010.

News Source: DailyMail

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