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You can’t blame the Osbourne ladies for wanting to be top hotties can you?  Kelly has a new found love for her bod after losing tons of weight from her stint on Dancing With The Stars, so Mama Osbourne wanted to keep up.  Sharon decided to take the easy route.  She’s gone through numerous plastic surgeries that have cost her over $450,000!  It could be the sticker shock, but now she’s ready to make some of that money back.  Sharon Osbourne could be selling her breast implants on eBay.

Sharon is over her new 34DD ta-tas!  Even though Ozzy loves everything about his sexy wife, Sharon told New! magazine, “I wish I had never had my breasts done. They have put these bloody great bags in that are too ****ing round”  and “It is like [having] a waterbed on your chest. I hate my [breasts]. I want to have the bags taken out – then I will put them on eBay”.

Who’s bidding?!? <3