Lindsay Lohan better have her ducks in a row today when she returns to court, because the other side is going to be gunning for her.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has determined that getting booted from her community service at the Downtown Women’s Center constituted a violation of Lohan’s probation, spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

And yes, the suggested punishment will be jail time, he says.

But Lohan probably doesn’t have to worry about packing a bag just yet. Mateljan thinks it’s highly unlikely that Lohan would be locked up.

“It will up to the judge to make the determination whether or not she feels that Linday is in violation, and if she does, then they would set a probation violation hearing,” he says.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner has warned Lohan in the past about staying on the straight and narrow, or else risk more time behind bars.

While Lohan declined comment today, her camp has continued to insist that there’s nothing to worry about, despite the community service switcheroo, resulting in her being installed at the Red Cross for the remainder of her 360 hours. (This doesn’t include the 120 hours she owes the county morgue.)

“Lindsay has been going to the Red Cross every day to perform her community service,” her rep, Steve Honig, said. “Additionally, she has been working diligently to fulfill the other requirements of her probation, specifically therapy and completing the shoplifter’s class.”

She’s “plugging away at all three areas,” Honig says of the various court orders handed down by Sautner when Lohan was sentenced for probation violation after her necklace-theft snafu.

Originally charged with a felony, Sautner helpfully knocked Lohan’s offense down to a misdemeanor, moving her case to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office from the District Attorney’s Office.

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