Amy Lee talked about the new Evanescence album to Spin Magazine and here’s some of what she had to say:

Evanescence took about two years off. Why return now?

Amy: “For a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I really love scoring film and that was definitely where my head was. I took a few stabs at doing that, but then I started writing more songs. I had such a good time in the studio with Will ‘Science’ Hunt recording ‘Sally’s Song’, it was a cool, free, creative space. So we thought, ‘Why don’t we just try writing an original song?’ We spent two days and a new song came out that was so different, it was dark and inspiring. It was a groove that I hadn’t found in a long time. So we spent all of last year writing like crazy and somewhere halfway through I said, ‘You know, I think we’re writing an Evanescence album.'”

Will fans of Evanescence’s heavy sound be surprised?

Amy: “Well, it’s definitely still heavy. Like ‘The Open Door’, the new songs are a rainbow of sounds. But this album spreads out even more. There are moments that are amazingly heavy, but then there are moments that are completely stripped down.”

Did you write the entire album together?

Amy: Most of it. Some songs I wrote by myself, and I wrote a little bit with Terry Balsamo and Tim McCord as well. I have a studio in my home and I flew Will ‘Science’ out here a lot. And we’d work by ourselves then email each other ideas to play with, sort of like a Postal Service method. The songwriting and sound is inspired by a lot of our mutual loves, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, and music with a lot of programming and sounds that feel larger than life.”

Is there a lyrical theme?

Amy: “I write about what I’m going through at the time. There are moments of, ‘Hey, I’m over it and I’m good’ and others of fun sarcasm like, ‘Hey, everything’s not the most dramatic thing in the world.’ But it gets really deep in places, too. That’s probably why it’s been really hard to pick an album title. But lyrically, it’s a more real version of myself. I’m saying things that I would’ve been afraid to say before. I’m more confident and more comfortable.”


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