See Kanye ain’t the only rude one in this industry . . . .

Maybe it went semi-unnoticed because they were accepting one of the night’s lower-profile awards, but the personal tiff between ‘Music by Prudence’ producer Elinor Burkett and director-producer Roger Ross Williams spilled over on stage at Sunday’s Oscars, causing one of the night’s weirder moments.

In what is being dubbed the “Kanye” moment of the night, Burkett rushed the stage while Williams was doing his thank-yous and verbally nudged him aside so she could speak. The problem is that she was not supposed to accept the award, and because of personal animosity between the two filmmakers, she said Williams rushed to the stage while his cane-wielding mother blocked Burkett from exiting the aisle.

In an interview with Salon, Burkett said she was shut out of Oscar-related events and because the two aren’t speaking to each other (related to a lawsuit over the film), they did not discuss who would be allowed to speak if they won.

So, when their names WERE called, “he raced up there to accept the award. And his mother took her cane and blocked me. So I couldn’t get up there very fast.” WATCH:

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