Lady Gaga is suing a Chicago company that calls its product line “Lady Gaga by Design.” Gaga reportedly has nothing to do with the company’s jewelry and cosmetics. According to the NY Daily News, Gaga wants the company, Excite Worldwide, to back down on trademark applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Gaga says that these applications are ruining her own efforts for a trademark on her own company, Ate My Heart, Inc. Gaga is reportedly trying to trademark products like candles, key chains, bags, towels, lanyards, tattoos, wigs and ornaments. The star is concerned that fans will confuse the products even though no affiliations exists.Excited Worldwide declined to comment on the suit. Ate My Heart already owns rights to Lady Gaga-branded chat rooms, posters, ring tones, websites and live performances. A lawyer for Gaga declined to comment as well. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has announced that the fifth single off of her album, Born This Way will be”Marry The Night.” A release date has not been set.


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