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The new news in London is footage of two slender boys wrestling in a cage in front of a cheering crowd in a British social club and getting backlash this past Thursday from government officials and children’s advocates who blasted the match as barbaric.

The 8-year-old and 9-year-old wore no protective padding or headgear, and at one point one was shown crying. The adolescent brawl took place at Greenlands Labour Club, a bar and social club in Preston, northwest England.

Greenlands club manager Michelle Anderson said the boys were never in any danger during the brief demonstration bout, which preceded a slate of adult fights. The Video showed the fights taking place in a venue where alcohol is served, and they had ring girls walking around close to the cage.

“The children were not doing cage fighting, they were just grappling,” she said. “There was no punching, kicking or striking.” She also stated how this was just as harmless as Boxing or Judo.

This is a bit much. I can’t lie cage fight, alcohol, scantily clad women…its just not something you want to have around anyone under 18 or 21 cause quite honestly ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. For more on this story visit this link from NewsOne

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