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A whole new meaning to junk mail, huh?

A few days ago, it was reported that Mila Kunis‘ phone had also been hacked, and among the photos that have yet to be leaked were shots of Justin Timberlake lying shirtless in a bed, wearing panties on his head, as well as a picture of just someone’s penis.

None of the supposed shots have made their way to our inbox, so we can’t tell you much about them, but one thing we can assure you is that the member-only photo is NOT — repeat, NOT — of Timberlake’s privates.

A source super close to Timberlake assures us the “Dick in a Box” singer would “never do anything like that.”

Our insider adds that Timberlake has “never” junk e-mailed Kunis or anyone else, and that it “never happened.”