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Kim Kardashian is NOT the mystery buyer who’s trying to get her sex tape off the market.

Vivid’s Steve Hirsch, who currently owns the tape and doesn’t know who’s trying to buy the tape, confirmed that a rep for the buyer is NOT Kim. In fact, he or she is not even “remotely associated” with Kim.

Steve says, “It made sense the entire time it would be Kim, but it appears it’s not.”

So, then, WHO IS IT??

Nobody knows, but Steve says that the mystery buyer will reveal him or herself once the deal is done. AND, they will explain WHY they wanted to take the video off the market.

Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near done because the buyer is still several million dollars short of the $30 million asking price that Vivid wants for the tape.

Kim has been said to be VERY interested in who would do such a thing. And you know what?? So are we! That’s a hefty price tag so someone must really be a fan of Kim’s or a real hater of sex tapes to want to pay so much to have it gone forever.


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