So Kyle has a huge fear of snakes…to the point where when he really can’t even be around when we talk about them. The idea came to me (Producer Kal) when I saw a video of Fox 59’s Jim O’Brien on Youtube of him being freaked out by a spider on a live newscast this past weekend. I went to Kyle and asked, “How would you like to conquer your phobia of snakes live on the air?” He wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but he agreed and that’s when we got Indiana Jim involved! Jim’s business, Indiana Jim’s Reptile Experience helped supply three or four snakes. One of those snakes was a 7 foot boa constrictor! Yeah! Kyle pretty much pooped his pants! If you missed that chaos that went down LIVE on air and ustream, catch up NOW!

And a BIG THANKS goes to Jim Horton for donating his snakes and his time!

Here’s some info if you need to get a hold of Jim!

Indiana Jim’s Reptile Experience

Educational and entertaining programs featuring live amphibians and reptiles!