Comedy Central  is ready to roll out what’s expected to be its biggest campaign to date for its roast series.  According to, Comedy Central’s media blitz for the upcoming Charlie Sheen roast will include the actor’s pre-recorded introductions of “Crazy Train” for a handful of radio stations during designated time blocks.  Comedy Central will also plaster double decker buses in New York and Los Angeles with the Charlie Sheen-“Crazy Train” roast promo, in addition to TV spots and social media tie-ins.  

The campaign was apparently inspired both by Ozzy’s song and reports that Sheen’s character on “Two and a Half Men” would be killed off by a moving train when the show’s new season begins on September 19th.  That date, incidentally, is also the same day Comedy Central will air its Charlie Sheen roast scheduled to be taped next weekend in Los Angeles. 


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