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A man is suing Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in New York after leaving the strip joint with an unhappy ending.

The New York outpost of the strip club chain charged W.A. Ilg a whopping $28,109.60 for drinks in May, according to a complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week.

The club’s staff allegedly “wrongfully served [Ilg] excess alcoholic beverages” on May 24 and into the wee hours of May 25, getting him so drunk that he “was no longer capable of conducting financial transactions.”

Ilg later demanded a refund for the hefty bill, but couldn’t get the bar to give him the money back.

The Hustler Club’s publicist wouldn’t talk about the lawsuit or discuss prices for goods and services with The Huffington Post.

“We have no comment,” said Steve Karel.

But a former beverage manager at the rival Penthouse Executive Club shared some insight on adult entertainment in Manhattan. Crazy Legs Conti said an exuberant customer on a night out can lose his shirt faster than one of the strippers he’s come to ogle.

“If this guy came in and had a private room with a few private entertainers, it would be very easy to run up a bar tab like that,” said Conti. “Invariably these guys have what’s called buyer’s remorse. They wake up, they’re hungover, they see the credit card bills.

“At the Penthouse club, they had a whole department to deal with the angry calls.”

The charges mount quickly, Conti says, when customers bought more than a few stiff drinks, which ranged from about $10 for a domestic beer to $160 for a few shots of Johnny Walker Blue. Private room rentals at the Penthouse club went for $1,100 per hour, according to Conti and, while the strippers earned anywhere from $600 to $1,000 an hour on top of that. Throw in a couple of Jay-Z endorsed Ace of Spades champagne at around a grand a pop and the bill will amount to a small fortune.

Ilg’s attorney declined to comment, telling The Huffington Post “I’ll have to talk to my client before I can talk to you.”

Earlier this year, another patron said the Hustler Club bilked him, too. That customer said all he wanted to get was a lap dance for $300. Later he found $21,000 billed to two credit cards, although the man admitted he didn’t remember anything that happened after he ventured into the club’s private room.

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