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Remember Octomom? The mother of octuplets fought to keep her name in the news on Saturday by winning a so-called celebrity boxing match against a strip club bartender in Florida.

Nadya Suleman who had six previous children before the well-known litter of eight more babies in 2009 donned a pair of oversized boxing gloves and a revealing black leotard for the main event at a Fort Lauderdale resort, The South Florida Sun-Sentinelreported.

Octomom’s opponent Cassandra Andersen, a bartender at the Playhouse Gentleman’s Club, went toe-to-toe with Suleman for three 60-second rounds. Actually, she outlasted Suleman who jumped out of the ring with several seconds to go before the final bell rung, The Miami Herald said.

In the end, the judges — in a split decision — decided that the mommy of many had won the bout.

The audience of roughly three dozen paid $25 a pop to watch the two vixens throw punches, push and head-butt each other inside the squared circle, The Herald said.

Celebrity Boxing Federation owner Danny Feldman tried to whet whatever appetite there is among the genreal public to watch formerly well-known personalities duke it out with giant boxing gloves. He announced, according to The Sun-Sentinel, there will be a fight between Long Island philanderer Joey Buttafuoco and Rodney King. Famed O.J. Simpson freeloader Kato Kaelin will take on Michael Lohan, father of troubled celeb Lindsay Lohan, in an upcoming Los Angeles match.

Octomom committed to four fights with Celebrity Boxing and might challenge former wrestler Chyna in her next fight, NBC Miami said.

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