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I’d heard a lot of good things about “Paranormal Activity,” so I finally put down the $8.50 to see it tonight…here’s just a brief overview of my experience…

I must warn you, if you aren’t paying attention at first, you may not realize the movie has even started; there isn’t any music, or even a credit roll at the beginning. The movie centers around a young couple, Micah and Katie, who live in the suburbs in San Diego. Some of the details are kind of unknown at the beginning, but basically, Katie has experienced random hauntings since age 8, and Micah attempts to capture these paranormal occurrences on home video (he also has the camera hooked up to voice recognition software on his computer).

Events progress rather slowly for roughly the first half of the movie. Micah and Katie bring in a psychic to analyze the activity, and then he recommends she see a “demonologist” named Dr. Averys (though he never actually appears in the movie, he is mentioned MULTIPLE times). However, Micah doesn’t believe the psychic is legit, so he decides to rid the house of these spirits himself.

Micah tries numerous tricks to coax the ghosts out of hiding, including marking the doorways with powder and even buying a Ouija board. These routines only further the paranormal activity in the house. Eventually, the happenings occur more and more frequently, and fear begins to turn the couple against each other. I was sort of unfazed by most of the “scary” moments, but the ending actually made me jump out my seat.

I kind of liked the director casting more obscure actors as the leading roles to try to add realism. I also enjoyed the low-budget look to it, the rising tension that built throughout. The fright scenes also seemed to play out like a Magic Eye book. Most of the audience would focus on one part of the room, and then something would happen on the other side. Then, as you finally start looking at that side, another spirit would show up on the side you had been looking at before.

It’s a very polarizing movie. In some ways, it’s quite predictable and uninteresting. But in other ways, it keeps tantalizing you. This movie appeals to those, like me, who feel that paranormal activity is very real and very unexpected. I definitely think it’s worth seeing…don’t let what your friends say sway your judgment. And, best of all, it’s an AWESOME date movie…you’ll be jumping into your boyfriend’s arms the entire time (which could always lead to some good times later on lol)!

Overall, not as good as what I was expecting, but I wasn’t pissed off, either. Word-of-mouth alone should propel you to see it…hopefully, you won’t be disappointed!  ;-)


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