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I NEVER thought I would see this day coming! Dangerous isn’t even the word to describe this!

Justin Bieber’s fans in Mexico have demonstrated their, um, enthusiasm for the pop star before, but according to a new rumor, local desperation for concert tickets is at new levels.

Online reports now making the rounds claim some young Beliebers are offering their virginity in exchange for tickets.

The newspaper El Norte is reporting that one girl posted her desire to make a deal on Facebook, writing, “My virginity for a ticket to Justin Bieber.”

Of course, it’s impossible to determine from social media updates whether such a trade is meant as a joke or as legitimate.

Bieber Fever is severe in the region, but the scarcity of concert tickets may not be leading to sexual auctions quite yet.

What makes the story compelling, however, is the fact that technology has made the online marketplace for “trades” like this one plausible in the first place.

Even though it’s almost certainly urban legend, here’s hoping young consumers act wisely and safely.

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