Did Kourtney Kardashian need an extra fitting or two with Vera Wang to make sure her bridesmaid dress can accommodate a baby bump this weekend?

Why do we ask? Because various bloggers are wondering if she’s got a wee one brewing underneath her signature flowing tops and the tummy-concealing dress she wore to the Teen Choice Awards a couple weeks ago.

Hey, it’s not like Mason’s voluptuous mom hasn’t talked about wanting to have another kid one of these days. And would Kourtney really dare to get pregnant before Kim’s wedding?

Hang onto your measuring tapes, kids, because this rumor is…

So false!

Kourtney’s not-green bridesmaid dress is going to be as teeny as ever.

“So there has been a lot of people saying lately that I have a baby bump because I have been wearing lots of flowy dresses or tops,” not-expecting E! star wrote on Celebuzz.

“I have definitely gained a few healthy pounds since I stopped nursing, but I don’t see a baby bump in these shorts!”

We’ll give her that. Karry on, Kourtney, karry on

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