Sugarland is making plans to help with the healing process in Indianapolis.  The duo write in a letter on their website that they’re organizing a private memorial as a tribute to the five people who lost their lives in Saturday’s stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.  Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush say they’re initially going to “hold space,” so the families of the victims can each take care of their own personal needs regarding the loved ones they lost.  They add that “the path to healing from this type of trauma and loss is long and winding,” and they’re praying for those who are in mourning as well as for those who were injured.

Jennifer and Kristian also say they’re addressing their own needs in the aftermath of the tragedy.  They explain the trauma they experienced binds them and their crew “in a unique way,” and one way they will heal is by being together.  Nettles and Bush say it’s for this reason they will be resuming their tour with their scheduled concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday.  They admit they’re now challenged with having to quickly replace their instruments and equipment, since all their gear was destroyed in the collapse, but add that the loss of their set is “insignificant in light of the tragedy.”

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