It seems Lady Gaga wasn’t born with much patience.  She unveiled her new video for her song “You and I” Tuesday, a few days ahead of its scheduled premiere on MTV.  According to MTV News, Gaga was set to debut the clip Thursday night and sit down with Sway Calloway for a live interview on  However, she also said the video would be her one-thousandth tweet, which apparently couldn’t come soon enough.  Gaga spread the message “F*** Thursday” over three posts, bringing her total to 999.  Number one-thousand was a link to the video on YouTube.

Gaga recently said the “You and I” video was shot in Nebraska and dealt with the “torture” of being away from the one you love.  The clip features Gaga taking on multiple roles, including her male alter ego Jo Calderone and her mermaid incarnation Yuyi, to name a few.

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