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Two things we know about Coco: She’s got a very happy marriage to her man Ice, and she’s got a famous booty.

So who better to give fellow E! reality star Kim Kardashian advice for her big wedding to Kris Humphries?

We caught up with the busty blonde to get her two cents on why Kim shouldn’t wait until she’s married to seal the deal, and what kind of dress she should choose to flaunt her assets:

“You gotta live together and you have to sleep together [before the wedding],” Coco tells me, “If you don’t sleep together, what if you’re not compatible in bed or you don’t like what they do?”

But beyond seeing what your future hubby is like between the sheets, Coco says you have to be 100 percent supportive of your spouse.

“You have to be each other’s biggest fans,” she tells me. “We work as a team.”

As for what Kim should wear on her big day (besides Vera Wang), Coco says she chose to downplay her butt when she tied the knot to Ice again.

“I wanted a big Cinderella dress to cover my booty, so I kind of emphasized my boobs,” she said. “With her, I think she should go Victorian and have an A-line so she can still see the outline of her booty. Whatever she picks, it’s gonna be awesome because she has style and she knows how to show off her curves.”