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Charlie Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men” character, Charlie Harper, reportedly dies in a grisly subway accident.

Last night’s season premiere taping is said to have included the revelation that Harper flew to Paris with and married Melanie Lynskey’s Rose character, was subsequently caught in the shower with another woman, and then “slipped” while waiting for the subway the following day, according to TMZ.

Rose reportedly describes his demise as a “meat explosion.”


It’s worth noting, however, that Chuck Lorre and the rest of the “Two and a Half Men” team have kept a tight lid on story details as the show moves into the Ashton Kutcher era, shooting the season premiere out of order and in multiple takes.

Therefore, the reported death via subway might not wind up being the final explanation for Harper’s demise when the show returns to the air.

As they say – stay tuned.

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