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Although talk of a Glee spin-off has been buzzing around the web, Fox president Kevin Reilly broached the subject at the recent TCAs in Los Angeles where it was revealed that a Glee spin-off is still a possibility.

According to E! Online, Gleekers may soon get a Glee spin-off after Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed toreporters that the idea is being talked about with Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Reilly spoke about a possible Glee spin-off at the Fox TCA event where he mentioned that another Glee series isn’t out of the question. “The spinoff was in the wind and is still in the wind,” said Reilly. “We haven’t said we’re not doing it. We talked about it last season. I can tell you that Ryan [Murphy] did talk to all the actors. The public nature of it took all the actors by surprise. Ryan probably does regret talking about it. We did decide to focus on this year.”

Now that the Glee spin-off was on the table, Reilly stressed that all efforts are focused on the new season of Glee but did talk about how the news of a Glee spin-off made its way online. “Ryan is a creative force,” said Reilly. “I have never seen anyone that can take an idea from concept to fruition in a quicker turnaround and a more creative way than Ryan Murphy. When that spinoff started coming around I think his wheel started turning… And I think in the middle of Ryan’s creativity, this got out.”

Would you like to see a spin-off of Glee later down the road?

Source: Dead Bolt

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