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Fists were pumping worldwide as we watched our favorite overly tanned guidos and guidettes jet-set from Jersey to the motherland of Italia.And the castmates wasted no time in letting us know what their overseas plans are…Between Pauly D planning his “international panty raid,” Deena jumping up and down about bringing guys home, and Mike and Vinny working up their Italian A-game, we’re sure to get enough physical interaction this season to keep us satisfied.As for the drama, we’ll leave that to Snooki (who has a boyfriend waiting for her at home), JWoww beating up somebody for who the hell knows why, and, of course, single Ronnie and “Seriously, I’m done” Sammi Sweetheart.But before we get too crazy with what’s going to happen, let’s stick to talking about what actually happened in tonight’s premiere.The biggest shocker of the night was Mike confessing to Ronnie that he hooked up with Snooki—and maybe is in love with her?!Apparently they did the dirty multiple times, one of the times being while she was with her boyfriendIf that wasn’t enough, Mike decided to grab Snooki by the face while they were all out at some amazing club that has a bar on fire and half-naked yet classy-looking dancers (take note USA) and tried to plant a wet one on her lips!Could there have been a better “WTF” moment?!Yes!Deena went balls out and told Pauly D to kiss her, which he did, and then for a good 30 seconds we got a close-up of two tongues going at it (ugh, we’re not bitter).Other than that, tonight’s episode taught us that running in an airport is dangerous and can cause serious embarrassment, bronzer will burst in your luggage, electrical outlets are not only sparse in Europe but also sketchy, shots of Limoncello are necessary and the birds are ruthless.What did you guys think of the premiere! Just right or not enough to kick off the season? Blow your grenade whistles in the comments!


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