Prince William is losing his hair.

Shocker, right?

The Duke of Cambridge himself acknowledges it, and there are apparently tabloid rumors that the young newlywed is being encouraged to get a hair transplant.

Well, when it comes to hair, there’s one person who knows what’s in and what’s out: Jennifer Aniston.

Having had one of the most recognized and trendy hairstyles of the ’90s, the actress had her own opinion on what Wills should do…

“I think he should just let whatever’s happening happen. Don’t you?” Aniston said on Britain’s Capital FM radio to Lisa Snowdon (the latter a George Clooney ex, and so perhaps an expert on good hair herself!). “Well, now if we see him with a hair transplant, we’re going to be like, ‘Oh, he had a hair transplant.”

“I think there’s nothing wrong with it, like Ed Harris, come on. Gorgeous.”

We find it hard to argue with her chrome-dome accepting ways. If guys like Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon are embracing a bald is beautiful aesthetic, why not the Duke?

Because when you think about it, balding or not, this future king of England has thus far done pretty well in the romance department, wouldn’t you say?

And heck, he can always hide the bald spot under a crown.

What do you guys think? Is Aniston on the right track or does the Prince have some appointments he needs to make?

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