Is that a baby bump I spy on Jessica Simpson?!

Although her minister dad, Joe Simpson, wouldn’t be too pleased with a child out of wedlock, we understand that it can happen sometimes (Hi Ashlee!).

Plus, Jess and Eric Johnson are engaged, so it’s not totally blasphemous, right?

I couldn’t ignore these photos, which made it seem like there could be a baby brewin’ in the singer’s insides.

Well, take some deep Lamaze breaths folks, ’cause this rumor is…

So false!

Sorry, folks, but the bride-to-be’s rep says Simpson is not pregnant.

The star, who is busy planning her wedding, might have babies on the brain but isn’t taking any action on it just yet. Well, there might be action…but you know what we mean.

You would think with a billion-dollar fashion sense, she’d have the sense to wear something that doesn’t make her look preggo.

Apparently even celebrities make mistakes. Who would’ve thought?!

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