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Erin Andrews opens up about the private and public issues she dealt with after being secretly recorded in her hotel room, in next month’s Marie Claire.

The ESPN reporter said she still isn’t over what happened and knows she never will be. She especially dreads the day her stalker gets out of prison. Michael David Barrett started serving a 30-month prison sentence last March.

She said: “I’m being traumatized every single day for what he did. This will never be over for me.”

Andrews plans to get a copyright to the video, which would give her lawyers control when they send cease and desist letters to websites that still post the clip.

On seeing her stalker face-to-face in court: “It was awful. He ended up walking in right in front of us, and I started to hyperventilate. I looked at my dad and was like, ‘I can’t breathe.’

“My dad was a rock. I had these notes, and he goes, ‘Look down and concentrate on your notes.’ I looked down, and you could just hear teardrops hitting my paper. And it was funny, for a guy who stood behind a door and took this video of me and stalked me, he didn’t look at me once in court. He couldn’t look at me.”

On returning to work after the tape was leaked but before the attacker was caught: “For the first few months, I didn’t know if someone on my crew had done this to me; I didn’t know if this person was still following me. I kept thinking he would jump out of the closet in the hotel. Honestly, I shouldn’t have gone back so soon. I should have taken care of myself.”

On why she continues to speak out about the incident: “At the time everything happened, I got a ton of letters from women who were stalking victims. People had set up video cameras in their homes, whether it was a neighbor or a handyman. The videos were on the Internet, and the women couldn’t get them down or get these guys arrested. They said, ‘First, we want to welcome you to the sorority. But we also want to tell you to please fight this. You’re our voice.’ I had to.”

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