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Casey Anthony doubtlessly stands to make millions capitalizing on her fifteen minutes of ill-gotten fame. There will likely be money exchanged between some network or other for Casey’s first exclusive television interview and agents are already clamoring to sign some kind of book deal with the recently acquitted Florida woman.

Yet, despite reports, experts tell PopEater that none of those deals will net Anthony more than half a million dollars. Her big pay day is going to come from one of two things — Playboy or reality television, and given her history of relaxed morality, we don’t believe Casey to be above either.

A deal with the magazine could bring in seven figures for Anthony and experts agree that it wouldn’t be a bad launch-pad for whatever type of faux-fame career path she totters down.

“While she may have escaped jail time she is far from free. Her lawyers fees have, I’m sure, stacked up, that coupled with a personality that for sure is seeking fame and attention will I’m sure drive her to a Playboy layout (quick money) or a reality show,” says Talent Executive Lori Levine, the founder of Flying Television – a talent booking and brokering firm.

Playboy did not return calls or emails for comment about whether they would consider negotiating with Anthony for a pictorial.

As for how Anthony should deal with telling her story in the coming weeks, Levine makes an excellent point. This girl is ill-equipped for a hard-nosed interview. She’ll fall to pieces. There’s a way around that.

“What I’d really love to see is a ‘walk and talk’ interview between Anthony and Kate Gosselin. Its not so far fetched; Casey Anthony can not handle a hard nosed interview with Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric. She needs someone who can lob her soft balls while she makes some bank to pay for her legal bills and the inevitable partying we know this little girl loves so much,” Levine says.

And that sets the stage for what will inevitably foreshadow the end of the world — the Casey Anthony “Road to Redemption” reality show.

Are you listening TLC? Throw your hat in the ring, if you have the stomach for it.

If she manages to make a buck off of America’s obsession with her sad, sad case, Anthony should cash her checks quick and then head out of dodge.

“Given the extreme amount of hatred, actual furious hatred, towards Casey being displayed by a majority of the American public, her options seem to be somewhat limited, though no doubt hugely profitable,” says HollywoodLife Senior Editor Chris Spargo. “After Casey makes her money — and she should try and do it quick — she should head to Europe, Australia, Canada. Just get out of the US as quick as possible. She will never be able to have a life again in this country.”

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