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I just really don’t understand how and why Kourtney is with this guy named Scott and where did he come from? He Sat Down with Ryan Seacrest (of course) and spoke on his behalf. Here is the audio below is it in words . . .

On being a new father:

“It’s unbelievable. It’s definitely more than I ever could have imagined it would be. The first week or two it’s definitely life changing and like people always tell you, it gets better per day. Everyday is a new adventure with him.”

On Kris Jenner lashing out at him on the show:

“When I hear Kris’ voice, I hear anger at all times.”

On getting back on Kris Jenner’s good side:

“I figure we can bridge the gap if I start training really hard right now in either football or basketball, but I don’t know how long it would take to be in the NBA or the NFL.”

On a grudge with Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush:

“I care for both of the athletes that are in the family. Kris just thinks that if you’re an athlete you tend to be a better person, when that’s not always the case.”

On mending his relationship with Kris Jenner:

“Honestly, deep down, I think we both love each other a little bit, and I think that will come to the surface in due time. We already are getting along better these days. And now that Mason’s here and she’s a grandmother and she realizes she’s not a 20 year-old kid, I think her attitude has changed for the better, and I’m appreciative of it.”

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