Allegedly, Lady Gaga was on more than ‘The Edge of Glory’ at one of her live performances — she was on the edge of wetting her pants on stage, as well!

Rumors have surfaced that cameras caught Gaga peeing her pants in the middle of a live show last year (May 2010) at the GelreDome in Holland. The undisclosed footage in question, obtained by, allegedly shows the popstar relieving herself midway through her performance of ‘Alejandro.’

According to WENN’s reports, Gaga was then scooped up by one of her male dancers and paraded across the stage, revealing what appears to be urine streams down her outfit. A censored screen shot from the video can be seen here.

Whether an outrageous stage stunt, or an unfortunate accident — either the huge crowd of little monsters didn’t notice, or they wildly approved of the incident, as they cheered their Mother Monster on!


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