“It scares me, and I’m nowhere near Weiner,” said one Clinton-world insider. “I get nervous even thinking about it.”

Weiner’s elegant — and reportedly pregnant — wife, Huma Abedin, is beloved by the former first lady, who has kept Abedin as an aide for 15 years. Hillary Clinton even described her as a second daughter when Weiner and Abedin married last July.

Bill Clinton officiated at the ceremony, and guests described to The Huffington Post how Clinton kept telling them how much he loved Huma, as well.

Sources confirmed that the toxic Twittering congressman has apologized to the former president, who was displeased with Weiner. That fact alone had to be difficult for Weiner, who liked to talk about being part of the Clinton family.

Various aides declined to say, or could not say, whether Weiner had the same talk with Hillary Clinton, who infamously had to deal with her own husband’s indiscretions. But people who know all the parties involved said the last place they would want to be was in Weiner’s spot when he sees the secretary of state, who left Wednesday for a week-long Africa trip, taking Abedin with her.

The closeness of the relationship between Hillary Clinton and the 35-year-old Abedin is hard to overstate. The younger woman started with Clinton as an intern in the White House. She became a constant presence at Clinton’s side in her Senate days and has remained there ever since, often facilitating Clinton’s relationship with Bill.

“Every time Bill wanted to get his wife, he’d call Huma,” said a source familiar with those calls. “I think she just became really important to both of them.”

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