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Blame it on The Kardashians! The numbers are in and the vote is unanimous: The world doesn’t care about The World According to Paris Hilton. The waify socialite you love to loathe returned to boob tube last week in an Oxygen reality sudster, co-starring main squeeze Cy Waits, her mother, Kathy Hilton, and Charlie Sheen’s crack addicted ex-wife Brooke Mueller — who happens to be PH’s BFF. (That old signing about birds and feathers springs to mind…)

The first episode of The World According to Paris was seen by just 409,000 Americans, with only 274,000 of those in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic, according to the Entertainment Weekly.

Put those numbers in prospective and its even worse than it sounds! Hilton’s debut on the women’s cable channel fared far worse than one-time Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day’s March debut on the network that drew an audience of 724,000. The Bad Girls Club, featuring seven women with personal and behavioral problems living under one roof, attracted 1.7 million viewers for its sixth season premiere earlier this year.Maybe you think Paris could boost her ratings by flashing a bit of skin? Yeah, she already tried that and it didn’t work — her new show included a scene of her soaping up in the bath and it still didn’t get anyone to watch.

Not hot.

Paris is faring just as poorly on other TV shows: she and her dad Rick apparently got into a backstage screaming match with producers of The View after host Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg asked her some too-hard questions about her reality series during a promotional appearance on the chat show last week. While Goldberg branded the series “fluffy,” Walters criticized Hilton for complaining about her 200 hours of court-ordered community service, part of the heiress’ sentence for pleading guilty to cocaine possession in Las Vegas last year. She questioned Hilton’s claims of doing charity work and her desire to help other female prisoners – neither of which is seen on the show.

“Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?” Walters asked Paris, as tensions between

the two became increasingly palpable.

“When I’m on the show it’s supposed to be entertaining and funny, so I’ll make silly little jokes. It doesn’t mean I’m serious.. I just like to joke around,” a defensive Paris replied.

A representative for The View confirmed that verbal altercation occured between The Hiltons and a producer, but offered no further comment. Hours later, Hilton abruptly cancelled a lunch with several magazine editors and an interview, with her team claiming she was sick and didn’t want to infect others.

The risk of “infecting others” never stopped Paris from popping up on our screens before!

Paris hasn’t always been such a TV dud: her reality breakthrough The Simple Life, which ran on FOX and E! from 2003 to 2007, became a national sensation. Paris also fronted several seasons of My New BFF in various countries.


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