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Social workers paid a visit to Mariah Carey’s Los Angeles home on Thursday, following claims that the singer drank an alcoholic beverage shortly after giving birth to her twins; this after being told about an Old Wives’ Tale concerning the benefits of beer on breastfeeding.

Carey gave birth to her first children – a son and a daughter – on April 30, her third wedding anniversary with husband Nick Cannon. Officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) launched the probe after receiving an anonymous tip that Carey had exposed the kids Moroccan and Monroe, to alcohol by drinking Guinness in hospital. According to reports, a staff member at the hospital told the new mom that drinking a half glass of dark beer would help her to start lactating. Mariah took their advice and downed a can, but when social services heard about her drinking (via tabloids, no less…), they decided to launch an investigation. The department quickly found itself on the hot seat, coming under fire from critics for making a fuss over such a high-profile case instead of focussing on reports of more serious neglect and abuse.

Child protection authorities, nonetheless, interviewed Carey at her Los Angeles home on Thursday and dismissed the case after spending time with the singer and her kids, concluding there was no merit to the complaint.