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The special wedding tea towels may say Kate, but they’re calling her Catherine now. These Brits sure move fast, already switching (lots of them, anyway) to their future queen’s full birth name now that she’s a royal and all.

And actually it’s HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, since we’re getting so proper and all just 24-hours after she became a princess. So what’s with dropping the name Kate all about? Has she gone all queeny on us already?

“It’s royal protocol. I’d imagine the queen calls her Catherine,” said native South Londoner Steve Hodge. “Her friends will probably still call her Kate. William probably has a pet name for her.” Hodge said that although the tabloid papers across the U.K. will still refer to them as Wills and Kate, that’s over the day she turns queen. “It will be Queen Catherine from there on out,” Hodge said.

On television (or the telly ’round these parts), Sky News refers to the former Kate as Catherine in every news report on the wedding.

According to Londoner Chris Montgomery, it’ll be all about what class you’re in in this city. “A lot of the clued-up, posher class will call her Catherine now,” he explained. “Others outside the country and most commoners will still call her Kate. We’re used to it.”

And Londoner Paul David, who honors royal tradition, breaks down exactly when the transformation from Kate to Catherine took place. “It’s Catherine now,” he told us. “She turned up in a car but left in a carriage, she turned up as Kate and left as Catherine. She was not saluted on her way in, but she was saluted on her way out. She’s joined the royal establishment. She is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now. She’s a royal and should be addressed as so.”

There you have it. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales turned Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

We still like the sound of Wills and Kate.