Justin Bieber treated Beliebers at his Sydney, Australia concert this week to a special surprise when he invited Chris Brown on stage with him to sing Brown’s hit single, ‘Look at Me Now.’

The 17-year-old pop icon, who is continually trying to spread his rags-to-riches story in order to encourage fans to live their dreams, shared a video on Facebook of he and Brown laying it out down under. “3 years ago I sang WITH YOU by Chris Brown in my living room,” Bieber said in his post, referring to a pre-fame YouTube video. “Since then thanks to the help of the fans we have been on an incredible journey. Thank you because we are just getting started. NEVER SAY NEVER.”

In this video, the Biebs chats up the crowd about the old days — you know, before he was a mega-star — and even gets them to sing along to the Brown song he once covered from his couch, ‘With You.’

“Look at me now,” he tells the audience, which cues the intro to ‘Look at Me Now,’ Chris Brown’s entrance, and — of course — screaming madness. The pair dances across the stage like they’ve both had one too many Redbulls, and Bieber even spits the quick-tongue Busta Rhymes verse from the original song, which causes absolute hysteria in Sydney’s Acer Arena. Really, is there anything this kid can’t do?

Okay, Bieber, you win this round. We’ll never say never ever again.


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