Inspire U: The Podcast

All it took was one summer at the beach to turn the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore into some of the hottest new stars on the scene. The cast is so popular that they are getting 200 to 300 offers a day for personal appearances, says Michael Schweiger of CEG Talent, which represents all the cast members except Snooki.

And one of the wackiest requests received was for Pauly D to walk a bride down the aisle and give the complete stranger away on her wedding day! “Someone in California offered us $50,000 to have Pauly D walk them down the aisle at their wedding, to give them away,” Schweiger confirmed.  “We rejected the offer, because Pauly is a serious DJ and all the other cast members are doing lots of personal appearances but Pauly D is not necessarily doing the personal appearances because he feels he has a lot to learn as a DJ.  He does not want to be doing stuff that is unrelated to DJ-ing.”

Pauly D not only got an offer to walk a bride down the aisle but he also regularly received requests to DJ weddings.  “But that’s not how he wants to be seen,” Schweiger told “He’s is working with DJ Skribble right now who is helping him adjust to the DJ life, to the celebrity DJ life, and  also helping him develop his DJ skills.”


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