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The Earthquake in Haiti is hitting home for many people. I didn’t know that this included our very own Jason Derulo, I didn’t even know he was Haitian. Just glad everyone is ok!

While celebrities were doing all they can to help Haiti by hosting benefits, writing charity songs or even auctioning off some of their own possessions, singer Jason Derulo was dealing with the fact that his own uncle was among those affected by the 7.0 earthquake. “He was there on vacation and got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the Haitian-American singer tells PopEater. “The house he was in collapsed, but he was able to get out, thankfully.” Derulo’s uncle may have been able to escape but he — like other earthquake victims — had to go without food, water and shelter for many days. Luckily for Derulo and his family, the uncle has finally made it back home in the U.S. and is finally able to heal from the devastating experience


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