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We rounded up 3 die-hard Butler supporters on the way to the Final Four in Houston in hopes of some great things happening! We are very confident that our team will win this Challenge against the “Urban Station” and Keep our fans in the NOW and emerge victorious like the DAWGS will this weekend! This is what they have to do!

Point values (based on instances):

5 pts. For every video posted. Each posted video must contain at least 30 sec of content. No more than 3 minutes per video.

5 pts. Any Butler fan you see on the road between Indianapolis and Houston (rest stops, fast food places) (10 max)

10 pts. Radio station shout out by someone in a cowboy hat (5 max)

10 pts. Securing a Butler Rally towel on camera

10 pts. Non Indiana vehicle decorated in Butler spirit (show license plate for proof)

10 pts. On camera with any school mascot

15 pts. Radio station shout out by any team cheerleaders

20 pts. Radio station shout out on camera by any Butler player

20 pts. Interview with a celebrity on camera

(10 pts bonus if they shout out your radio station on camera)

20 pts. On camera with TV news crew

(20 pts bonus if they acknowledge you in their report)

(50 pts bonus if you get radio station T-shirt on camera **must document)

20 pts. Oldest Butler fan on camera (show ID for proof)

20 pts. Footage of free Kenny Chesney concert

(10 pt bonus for footage if he shouts out Butler)

30 pts. Footage of a tattooed team logo (must be permanent)

50 pts. Rushing the court after a Butler victory

50 pts. Brad Stevens acknowledges your compliments on his new glasses.

50 pts Any major recognizable sports athlete giving a radio station shout out on camera

100 pts Dick Vitale radio station shout out on camera “Awesome, baby!”